Small Web Projects 

2020 - 2023     CSS, HTML, VANILLA JS 

I recently built the website for the History Design Studio, where I included a revival of Bruce Mau’s 2013 rebranding for the Hutchins Center. In early 2020, I created the apology generator, a playful, ironic take on public figure apologies. Around the time COVID-19 hit, when we still knew almost nothing about it, I developed a (now arguably cheesy) 'hope' generator. This tool gathered publicly shared statements from that completed the sentence 'the world is ending and sickness is real but at least we have...' It is still on my Github, though I no longer pay for a domain. For Access Now, I built many websites, including a now-deprecated one designed to help people spot disinformation leading up to the 2020 U.S. election. Check them out: