Hola, I’m Juliana Castro Varón, a creative director, designer, writer, and the founder of Cita Press. With a decade of experience working for museums, universities, non-profits, and agencies, I strive to lead projects that spark curiosity, raise questions, and charm audiences. I’m currently a Fellow at the History of Design Studio and an affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, both at Harvard University. 
           I’ve been a Fulbright Scholar and a Mellon Public Knowledge Grantee. My interests range from the history of books and libraries, to the literary line between fact and fiction, to weird AI memes. I’ve presented my work and talked about design, technology and the web in events all over the world. I’m now based in Cambridge, MA. In some friendly cases, I go by “Juli” pronounced “hu-li.”

Writing: I’ve written about clouds for WIRED (forthcoming), heroes for Atlas Obscura, artificial intelligence for the Miami Herald, failure for Kickstarter, and translation for Are.na. My debut essay collection, Papel sensible, came out in 2022 with Planeta, the world largest Spanish-language publisher. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Buscalibre, and most bookstores in Colombia. 

Press: My book and design work have been covered by the media on some ocasions, including an interview about design and digital rights for AdobeXD, another one on AIGA’s Eye on Design, and a couple of appearances on CBC: one podcast on failure and a tv interview on artificial intelligence. In Spanish, I’ve spoken to El Tiempo, Infobae, and CityTV. El Colombiano selected Papel sensible as one of the 22 books of 2022.