Speculative Design, Experiments & Play2018 - 2022
Speculative design allows me to imagine alternative futures, raise awareness of emerging issues, make commentary about social problems and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. Plus, it’s fun!

  • Wikipedia Hoax Band: As I started to contribute to Wikipedia, I discovered the ‘Hoaxes Page, a list of bogus entries that survived for years without being noticed. Included on this list were about a dozen fictional music bands, so I designed cover art for these fake bands based on the stories of their removed Wikipedia pages. I also created a fictitious benefit concert linking to donation websites for the victims of Hurrican Maria. 
  • Dating Socks: Inspired by trends of online dating culture and the sadness of our lost socks, artist Ingrid Tremblay and I created Dating Socks, an app for single socks to find matches and have a new chance at love. 
  • Poster for Harvard Class: I taught Collaborating with AI: Art, Ethics & Play with metaLAB’s at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where we encouraged students to create disciplinary fiction using generative AI tools. I’ve done this exercise a couple of times with students, and it is now featured in the AI Pedagogy Project.

ROLE: I was the main designer for all of these projects. Dating Socks was a conceptual collaboration with Ingrid Tremblay.