Cita Press: an open-access feminist digital library & studio

2017 - PRESENT 

ROLE: Design Director / Previously Art Director

Cita is an open-access feminist digital library and print-on-demand publisher that promotes and distributes the writings of women authors whose works are open-licensed or in the public domain. In 2018 Cita won a Latin American Design Award in the Digital Category. In 2019, AIGA’s Eye on Design called Cita “a genius platform” “dedicated to good design.” Initially an all-volunteer passion project, Cita has now received nearly a million dollars in funding from the Mellon Foundation, and is currently sponsored by the wonderful Educopia Institute. I am the founder and design director, and I also lead, our client-facing design service.

I founded Cita in 2017, while a Fulbright scholar pursuing my MFA at the University of Texas at Austin. It came out of deep research in the open knowledge and libraries world––spaces I’m passionate about! Since then, I have led its design, art direction, research, and UX/UI implementation. All Cita publications can be accessed in low-connectivity areas. Cita’s interface design is WCAG compliant, using appropriate color contrast, keyboard-navigation friendly features, video captions, and descriptive alternative text for images. 

We now have a client-facing design service! ->