Access Now: UX, Wireframing and Reseach

2018 - 2022
Senior Designer. (Promoted from Design Associate)

Building digital interfaces is not only about the look, but about the user, the usage, the navigation, and the content. I’ve led user experience research with both community-focused and paid users, built archetypical users (personas), and collaborated on a major web and navigation redesign. I sketch by hand and enjoy making fast prototypes and testing. 

For four years, I was the Senior Designer at the digital rights non-profit Access Now. To revamp, we studied the taxonomy of over a decade of content: blog posts, events, campaigns, key issues, fixed pages, etc. Our team conducted extensive research into the latest trends and best practices in the field, and utilized A/B testing and user feedback to refine our approach. I’ve also worked on wireframes, research and testing for smaller projects, both websites and apps.