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Cita Press

Cita is an open-access feminist digital library and print-on-demand publisher that promotes and distributes the writings of female authors whose works are open-licensed or in the public domain. I started Cita Press in late 2017 and launched the website in early 2018. I have led all the design, research, and UX/UI implementation. In partnership with Educopia, for the 2021-2023 period, Cita is supported by a $245K Public Knowledge grant by the Mellon Foundation.

All Cita publications can be accessed in low-connectivity areas and Cita’s interface design is WCAG 2.0 Level A compliant, using appropriate color contrast, keyboard-navigation friendly features, video captions, and descriptive alternative text for images. In 2019, AIGA’s Eye on Design called Cita “a genius platform” “dedicated to good design.” In 2020, the Legacy Press published my paper Cita: A Feminist Open-Access Digital Library and Print-on-Demand Books, which was written based on my Master Thesis at the University of Texas at Austin

Sketches for Cita's User Experience navigation

Cita Press celebrates the spread of culture and knowledge by publishing the writings of women authors whose works are open-licensed or in the public domain. Through its library of collaboratively designed free books, Cita honors the principles of decentralization, collective knowledge production, and equitable access to knowledge.

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