Home to me 

A book of stories about home

Fourteen people from different parts of the world share their feelings about what home is for them.  Home to me does not intend to address a concrete practical purpose –or fulfil the impossible promise of giving people a home–, but instead it seeks to connect people with the importance of well-being as associated with home, and explore their own emotional idea of it through the acknowledgment of other people’s stories.Divided in three chapters: home is my rituals, home is a smell, home is taking care, each story frames vulnerability behind this longing: people opening the door of their houses, and sharing both a picture and an intimate text about home.




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Thanks to Filomena Aristizábal, Ana María Barrios, Kendall Bradley, Mohamad Karimifar, Ekin Levent, Leslie Moody-Castro, Jiwon Park, Catalina Pérez, Haley Parsa, Nevena Peeva, Carter Smith, Kira Street, Alija Sule, and all the people that shared their stories.