A Benefit Concert and Vinyl Fair 

As I became a more frequent editor of Wikipedia, I discovered the hoaxes page, a list of all the pages that have survived years without being noticed, and that were originally created as a “blatant attempt to make up something”. Among this list was the notable presence of fictitious music bands. The HOLE FEST is a design project that expands upon the joy of these invented band names and invites people to donate money through the creation of a fictitious benefit concert. Buy tickets here and tell your friends you’re coming

staff-artist-ID Card
Ticket mockup (v.ketom)

An exploration of Wikipedia bands

PRESS RELEASE: With a benefit concert, internationally known record label Deep Eddy has decided to relaunch all the bands that signed with the label in the past (all of which split before the year 2000). Bands such as James and the Pontoons, Digital Lady, and Slow Blind Driveway will regroup for this one-time post-hurricane event, and special vinyl editions will be sold for this project. All the money raised will be donated to the victims of the Hurricane María in the islands of Puerto Rico and Mexico City’s earthquake. Purchase tickets starting at $5.

1Mesa de trabajo 4666

1Mesa de trabajo 71Mesa de trabajo 8

1Mesa de trabajo 5

1Mesa de trabajo 6

This is an ongoing project in which I aim to design every single non-existing band that should have existed just because its name and its story are amazing. If you have always dreamt of having a greatly named band even if you don’t play any instruments, let’s chat.