Dating Socks: An app for single socks

Inspired by the fun trends of dating culture and the sadness of our lost socks, artist Ingrid Tremblay and I created Dating Socks, an app for single socks to find matches and have a new chance for love. This is a work in progress, which is likely to end in a book format. If you have stories about your single socks, pictures or just sad anecdotes, please contact us! 

datingsocks2dating-socks2 copia

Initial navigation sketches:

The photographs are from Happy Socks’ Hysteria collection. I do not own the pictures, but I love them very much. If you are from Happy Socks and you feel there are Copyright issues that cannot fit into Fair Use for artistic purposes, please drop me a line. If you own a different socks company and want to sock with me, also write!