Cita: an open-access feminist digital library

Cita is an open-access feminist digital library and print-on-demand publisher that promotes and distributes the writings of female authors whose works are open-licensed or in the public domain. Cita’s network of scholars and designers works to make and distribute free, high-quality editions that readers can view online using any device, or download, print, and—following simple instructions—bind for personal, library, museum, or school use. Visit


Ipad+Book-CitaCITA-branding3-baja003-MacBook-Space-Gray-as Most of the nineteenth century’s feminist literature is now in the public domain, but many of these writings are not being republished by commercial publishers. When publishers do reprint public-domain texts, they rarely do so in open-access book formats. Because commercial publishers invest in curating and marketing well-designed collections of reprints, they frequently commission original annotations or introductions from scholars, which in turn enables them to copyright and profit from their new editions.

In contrast, Internet-based open-access archives make an enormous corpus of public-domain books available for free online, but do so as scans or in poorly designed digital formats. Moreover, internet archives usually do not make their collections particularly navigable or appealing to non-scholarly audiences, nor do they make it properly designed and easy to print. cita2 citaposter2