Become a Curator

Become a Curator is an automatic curatorial text generator. A curatorial statement is a text written by a museum curator or an arts organization to present an art show–it’s the paragraph on the wall you see when you’re walking into an exhibition. The Become a Curator statements are generated using a computer algorithm powered by statistical models. The statements are created based on large amounts of text. The original text comes from processing curatorial statements by many museums and galleries around the world, such as MoMA, New Museum, Serpentine Galleries, Tate Modern, among others. The models are run through random iterations based on word frequency, to automatically generate clear but meaningless sentences–a process called a Markov chain

Oups! Our database is down because mLab got acquired by MongoDB! We’re working to re-up the data. The website will be up and running soon! 

This is a project I made with my amazing brother and developer Juan Castro Varón.



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Become a curator es un generador automático de textos curatoriales. Estos textos son producidos usando un algoritmo que funciona a través de modelos probabilísticos creados con base en grandes cantidades de texto. Los modelos se ejecutan recorriendo iteraciones aleatorias basadas en la frecuencia de palabras, para producir frases claras pero sin sentido. Este proceso se conoce como cadena de Márkov. Los textos originales salen de procesar textos de sala de muchos museos y galerías alrededor del mundo, como el Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín MAMM, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires MALBA, el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – MUAC de la UNAM, Galería Max Estrella, NC-arte, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Universidad de Chile.