Juliana Castro Varón is a Colombian graphic designer and Internet enthusiast based in New York. Sometimes she is also a writer and organizer interested in the intersection between technology, publishing, peer-to-peer, and ethical design.

Juliana is currently the Design Associate at Access Now and the founder and art director of Cita, a feminist open-access publishing resource and digital library.

She is a Fulbright alumna and was a 2018 Berktern at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society at Harvard University. She has worked for museums, universities and advertising agencies in New York, Cambridge, Austin, and Bogotá.

Juliana cares about the Internet, open-access, diversity, books, and GIFs and is always open to speaking engagements, collaborations and gin tonics. Find her on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and, well, whatever, Facebook. Also her email is julianacastrovar@gmail.com.